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Gold Mailed to Fort Knox

In a previous Note from the Past, the story Mint Mails Gold was told.  It was not the only time when gold was mailed.  The following piece appeared in Scott Stamp Monthly, May, 2000.

A Golden Shipment
by Meg Ausman, USPS Historian

Did you know that from Jan. 25, 1940, to Jan. 23, 1941, shipments of bullion were sent from the New York Assay Office to Fort Knox.  The gold, estimated at over nine billion dollars, weighed about  9,000 tons and was shipped in 337 carloads comprising 45 special trains.  Its safety was insured by postal inspectors, Secret Service Agents, police officials, and Army units.  The Post Office Department received over $1,600,000 in postage, insurance, and surcharge fees for this transport of gold.
 Posted April 30, 2000

Editor's Note:  I suspect this was for the movement of European gold reserves to safekeeping in the United States at the outbreak of World War II.

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