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FDR Started Stamps at 9

Documentary evidence was recently published in Life magazine that Franklin D. Roosevelt started his stamp collecting when he was 9 years of age.  Writing to his aunt, Deborah Delano Forbes, in a letter dated, April 10, 1891, he pleads, "Please tell Uncle Will that if he has any foreign stamps I should like to have them as I have begun to make a collection."  the letter, reproduced in his boyish hand, is one among many treasured by his mother and which Sloan, Duell &Pearce will publish this Winter as "F. D. R., His Personal Letters."  The boy Franklin was then living at the family home at Hyde Park.  The following month he was in Germany, at school, and he must then have had the opportunity of adding many new stamps to his rapidly growing collection.  As we all know he was never to tire of this collection which subsequently expanded to dzens and dozens of volumes, to become one of the best known collections ever assembled.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 18, 1947

Posted August 10, 1999

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