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In The Stamp Specialist Number Four published by H. L. Lindquist in 1940, there is a good article on "Paper" by James Obrig.  It provides "A non technical history and description of the more common paper types as used in Philately."  The original volume includes a number of small 3x5 sheets of most of the various papers.  He concludes with the following listing of a selected list of relatively inexpensive stamps which could be gathered to make a reference collection showing examples of the various papers.

       Type of Paper                        Country                                   Scott Number and Description
White Wove  United States 158   3¢ Green Washington 1873
(or any stamp from 1922 on)
Silk Paper United States Revenue R15d   2¢ Orange Internal Revenue
Laid Paper Afghanistan
262   20p Red Independence Monument
421   300r Purple Brown View of Cametà
Laid Batonné Afghanistan 109   Handstamped 1ab Violet dated 1298
Wove Batonné Afghanistan 125   Handstamped 1rup Black Brown 
dated 1298
Chalk Paper Hong Kong 75   8c Violet and Black King Edward VII
Thick Chalk Paper India -- Kishangarh 38   ¼a Pale Blue Maharaja Madan Singh
Granite Paper Austria
51   1kr Dark Gray Emperor Franz Josef
127   ½s Brown
Pelure Paper Bulgaria
39   10s Red Small Coat of Arms
10   5k Carmine First Design
Silk Thread Paper Bavaria 2   3kr Blue Numeral 3
Thin Paper
(Pelure Type)
40   1c Bister Coat of Arms
1   ½p Blue and Vermillion Coat of Arms
Glazed Paper India (East India Co.)
India -- Barwani
9   (or 10) 4a Black Victoria
9   ¼a Dull Ultra(marine?) Rana Ranjit Singh
Hand Made
Wove Paper
Nepal 10   ½a Black Siva's Bow and Two Khurkis

Caution:  I have tried to make adjustments in the catalogue number as there have been a number of changes in the intervening sixy years.  These numbers and descriptions are from Scott's 1997 edition.  The descriptions should help the user of other catalogues.  If you review the catalogue listings nearby carefully there may other stamps which are equally suitable.

Posted April 17, 2000

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