Notes from the Past

War Comes to Harmer Rooke

The following is an excerpt from an ad by Harmer Rooke & Co., Ltd., the London stamp auctioneers, in The Stamp Specialist Volume 1 - Part 1 published by H. L. Lindquist in 1939.
This advertisement is being written a few weeks after the outbreak of War.  Some inconvenience is bound to be caused to our numerous clients in America.  Mails are taking longer than is customary so that catalogues and correspondence are being slightly delayed.  We believe, however, that this inconvenience will be no more than temporary, and collectors may be assured that every endeavor will be put forward so that the Harmer Rooke Auctions will be maintained throughout the war at their previous high standards of efficiency.

The wise collector will take full advantage of the opportunities offered him in the Harmer Rooke weekly Auctions.  These Auctions contain a wealth of fine material of interest to all classes of collectors.  At the present time several auctions have been held at the Strand Sales Rooms and it is of interest to note that the War has caused no serious decline in stamp values, thus bearing out the firm conviction of the Company, that stamps are one of the best forms of investment.

The Auctions have been well supported by the American market and this once again demonstrates the International nature of stamp collecting.

Another ad in the same volume by Robson Lowe Ltd. had the following:

Meantime our collector-friends in America will like to know that we are
London will still lead the World's stamp markets, and changes in our organization are small.

Carry on, chaps!

Posted April 13, 2000


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