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Pneumatic Tubes

Pneumatic tubes were used to transport mail within several U.S. cities in the early 20th century.  The following is from an advertising card from the U.S. Model Post Office which included a demonstration of the pneumatic tubes.
United States Model Post Office
Panama-Pacific International Exposition
San Francisco 1915
[A picture showing three canisters with thick flanges near both ends is shown here.  The containers vary slightly in diameter and length with what appears to be a length to diameter ratio of 3.  There is also a small picture showing the system in use.]

These receptacles carry 20,000,000 letters daily through underground Pneumatic Tubes in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis.

Address this card, drop it on the moving belt and watch the work of the Conveyor system installed by


This card was shown in "Fairs, Exhibitions and Expositions and Their Souvenirs" by Raymond March in The Stamp Specialist, Forest Green Book published by H. L. Lindquist in 1948.

  Posted April 12, 2000

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