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On Saul Newbury

There are many different types of collectors and specialists in this interesting avocation of philately.  Among the former are those who aspire to complete certain countries or to complete this or that specialty.  But take a collection like Mr. Newbury's, there is no set goal of completion, it is like an edifice which is always in the building stage, with no part ever wholly completed, nor hope to be completed.  There is always that elusive copy, pair, strip, block, or cover, whether color or cancelation, which if added, is like setting an additional jewel in an appropriate setting.  A new item acquired may displace one less attractive or it may be that it is something new, and deserving a place of distinction on just the right or appropriate page.  What a fine way to collect, but it is not as simple as it appears because the building of such a collection requires a knowledge of fine stamps and many years of experience with them.

Saul Newbury is a man of three score and ten, but one would scarcely believe it, because the years have indeed been very generous to him.  He is a man who has been very temperate in his habits as he neither indulges in tobacco or liquor.  Combining these qualities, I think he is an outstanding example of the fact that philately has a tendency to stay the hand of time, because the ardent philatelist is endowed by nature with a love and boyish enthusiasm for stamps., and this contributes to keep him young.  Mr. Newbury not only loves stamps but he loves the study and knowledge of stamps.  He is no mere accumulator,  with the means at his disposal to gratify his philatelic wants, but on the contrary, he is a philatelic student, whose true appreciation of his treasures comes to him thru a thorough knowledge of them.  Like us all, he enjoys showing his stamps to other, and especially to serious collectors whom he well knows will appreciate them and who speak the same philatelic language as he does.

- Stanley B. Ashbrook
"Thru the Newbury DeLuxe Collection of Nineteenth Century U.S."
The Stamp Specialist, Blue Book
H. L. Lindquist, 1941
Posted April 10, 2000

Editor's Note:  Saul Newbury was a respected collector from Chicago where he was a leader of the The Collectors Club of Chicago.


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