Notes from the Past
Crown Watermarks

Many of the monarchical countries have used this regal emblem as a watermark, and the very first adhesive stamp of them all, the 1d. black of G.B., bore it.  There have been at least six distinct variations of design of this G. B. Watermark: the 'small' crown of 1840; the 'large' of 1855 in two designs; the 'Imperial' of 1880; the 'formal' (with Royal Cipher) of 1912 and on, the 'Tudor' and 'St. Edward', and the present design.  The crown of St. Stephen, showing the bent cross was a watermark of Hungary 1898-1908.  Italy used the crown of Savoy as a mark 1863-1915; Greece had a simple crown over initials 1901-5; the letter 'A' over a crown has been used by Australia; it appears in conjunction with the letters 'CC' and 'CA' on British Colonial stamps; and even Sarawak used what is known as the 'Oriental' crown in its 1932 issues.  A collection of crown watermarks could be very interesting.

- R. J. Sutton 6th edition revised by K. W. Anthony
The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia
Published 1966
Posted April 2, 2000

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