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Bicycle Mail

Several local posts are on record which made use of bicycles.  The first of these appear to have been established in 1894 -- one in Australia and the other in America.  The former was the Coolgardie Cycle Express, which issued local stamps on a service between the goldfields and Kalgoorlie.  The latter was formed by Arthur C. Banta, agent for a cycle manufacturer, who issued local stamps in diamond format for a bicycle post which he organized in San Francisco during the rail strike.
(Ital.) Corrièri Alta Italia.  This railway express company organised a bicycle mail operating in northern Italy in 1944-5 and in May 1945 issued 'local' stamps sanctioned by the Allied Military Government.
- R. J. Sutton 6th edition revised by K. W. Anthony
The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia
Published 1966
Posted March 24, 2000

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