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Another Stamp Quiz -- Quiz No. 46

Identify the following words relating to stamp collecting.  Score 15 points for each correct answer.

1. What does the German word "Flugpost" mean?
2. What is the Spanish word for cancellation?
3. What does the Italian word "Annulato" mean?
4. If a French stamp is described as showing "Armoiries," what does it show?
5. The German word "markenrolle" describes what kind of stamp?
6. If you have a French stamp described as "Faux," what kind of stamp do you have?
7. What is the German word for a definitive stamp?
8. A Spanish stamp described as "Sin dentar" would be what kind of stamp?
9. What is the Italian word for postmark?
10. What kind of a stamp would the Germans call "Zeitungsmarke?"

Answers below but don't peek!

Posted March 23, 2000

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Answers to Quiz No. 46

1. Airmail
2. Matasello
3. Cancelled
4. Coats of Arms
5. Coil
6. Counterfeit
7. Freimarken
8. Imperforate
9. Bollo
10. Newspaper stamps