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In honor of the eBay Users' Stamp Club's trivia day held March 21, 2000, here is a list of stamp trivia questions taken from 100 Trivia Quizzes for Stamp Collectors by Bill Olcheski.

Quiz No. 50

Score 10 points for each correct answer.
1. What is the name applied to designs impressed into the paper on which stamps are printed?
2. When an overprint changes or restates the value of a stamp, what is it called?
3. What is a pair of stamps called when one stamp is upside down in relation to the other?
4. What company manufactured the piano on the 8.4-cent bulk mail stamp?
5. What musical instrument appears on the U.S. 7.7 stamp?
6. What is the name given to the original engraved form from which plates are made for printing stamps?
7. What is the collector term for envelopes which have passed through the mails and bear postal markings?
8. In what year did the U.S. issue a five-cent stamp honoring American music?
9. What is the denomination of the Will Rogers stamp issued in 1979?
10. What musical instrument appears on the 3.1-cent stamp?

Answers below but don't peek!

Posted March 22, 2000

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Answers to Quiz No. 50

1. Watermark
2. Surcharge
3. Tete-Beche
4. Steinway in 1857
5. Saxhorns
6. Die
7. Covers
8. 1964
9. Fifteen Cents
10. Guitar