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Earliest Alaska Cover

I have published several notes on early Alaska cover to learn the earliest date of any cover, in the hands of a collector, used out of the territory after its acquisition by the United States.  The United States acquired Alaska from Russia, under the Treaty of March 30, 1867, formal transfer taking place at Sitka, October 18, 1867.  The earliest cover I could report was mailed from Sitka, January 24, 1868, but I now have report of another cover much earlier.  Warner McLaughlin advises that he has a cover with the U.S. 3 1861, postmarked "Sitka, Alaska T. Nov. 6," in a circle, in black.  On the back of the cover is a pencilled notation "Nov. 1867," only a few months [sic] following formal possession by the U. S.  Previous notes in columns: July 16, 1938, October 14, 1944, April 2, 1949, and May 14, 1949.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 1, 1949

Posted August 5, 1999

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