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"Improved Postage Stamps"

"The Postmaster General has introduced the excellent method of perforating the lines between the postage stamps so that they may be torn apart at once, without using the scissors.  They have the further advantage in the circumstance that the rough edge thus produced makes them adhere much more readily to the back of a letter.  The machine for making the perforations was secured from England.  A supply of the perforated stamps has already been furnished to the post-offices of Philadelphia, New York and other principal cities."
- Elliott "Pat" Perry
Pat Paragraphs
Published 1981, Bureau Issues Association
Posted March 2, 2000

Editor's Note:  The preceding note appeared in the Orange (New Jersey) Journal of March 7, 1857, only eleven days after the first perforated U. S. stamps are supposed to have been delivered to the Post Office Department.  It was reported to Elliott Perry by Winthrop S. Boggs, the indefatigable researcher from the New England Stamp Co. then located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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