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How Many 5¢ '47s? - Part II

It is impossible to estimate what proportion of the available supply was gathered into the "corner" before the stamps were distributed but the greatest number the corner ever held was authoritatively stated to be 3,318 copies.  This leads Uncle Ike to believe that even if it were possible to induce many collectors and dealers to sell all they have at an average price of $10 each, it would not be easy to "invest" $50,000 and thereby obtain 5,000 copies of the 5¢ stamp.

In the past few years there has undoubtedly been a tremendous increase in the number of stamp collectors, and particularly in the number interested in some kind of United States stamps.  Much of this interest, of course, is directed to the stamps issued in recent years.  It is hardly possible to know how many will continue collecting or how many will round out their collections by including the very interesting early issues.

It seems clear to me that collectors who are speculating in the modern issues are missing a real opportunity.  When millions of a stamp are issued that stamp cannot become rare for many years to come.  But if only a small percentage of the new stamp collectors decide that a collection of U. S. stamps should begin with the first general issue stamp and seek to buy a 5¢ 1847 for their collections there will not be enough to go around at present prices.  With the 10¢ the situation is much the same.

Fair, good, fine and better copies of the 5¢ are available at the Peach Orchard at $3 and up.

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- Elliott "Pat" Perry
Pat Paragraphs
Published 1981, Bureau Issues Association
Posted March 1, 2000

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