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4¢ to France -- 1870

Covers are occasionally seen bearing two U. S. 2¢ of the 1869 or 1870-71 used to France.  This single letter rate of 4¢ per ½ oz. to France, Spain, and Portugal in the open mail via England was in effect in February 1870.  It was merely the "U. S. inland and Atlantic sea postage" part of the entire postage and did not have to be prepaid.  To this 4¢ per half oz., there was added 12¢ per quarter ounce on letters to several foreign countries, via England and Marseilles, making the full postage on such letters to the Azores, Canary Islands. Constantinople, Egypt, Malta, portugal, Spain and tunis, 16¢ for ¼ oz., 28¢ for ½ oz., 44¢ for ¾ oz., 56¢ for one ounce, etc.
- Elliott "Pat" Perry
Pat Paragraphs
Published 1981, Bureau Issues Association
Posted February 28, 2000

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