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Probably 95% of the 're-engraved' 10¢ Jefferson stamps (Scott #209) paid a 10¢ registry fee with 3¢ (to October 1883) or 2¢ (from October 1883) adhesive or envelope stamps for postage.  The catalog price "on cover" (50¢) applies to such common 13¢ or 12¢ combinations.  Yet some dealers offer that usage at three to twenty times over catalog.  Why?

Z Grills

Recently several stamps supposed to bear an authentic Z grill have been submitted for examination.  Altho they appeared to show some characteristics resembling the genuine, Uncle Ike [Elliott Perry] is far from satisfied that they were produced by the National Bank Note Co. from the Z roller.  Sometimes there seemed to be indications that the characteristics noted may have been made by tampering with a genuine grill of a family other than "Z."

- Elliott "Pat" Perry
Pat Paragraphs
Published 1981, Bureau Issues Association
Posted February 27, 2000

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