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About 1910, a Natal 1d. King's Head multiple CA watermark, S.G. 147, appeared printed over in black with the words 'NOT FOR USE' in three boxes within a design covering nearly the whole stamp.  It is from the last pane of Natal's booklet, issued in 1909 or 1910.  The booklet contained, because of the cancellation of this one stamp, 2s. 5d. in postage.  It sold for 2s. 6d.; the additional penny paid for the booklet.  The entire booklet pane, showing this blacked-out stamp, is a choice piece.


Commonly abbreviated to o/p or opt.  Any printing on top of and in addition to the original design.  Where the face value of a stamp is altered (or in rare cases confirmed) by an overprint, it is more correctly described as a surcharge.

- R. J. Sutton 6th edition revised by K. W. Anthony
The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia
Published 1966
Posted February 23, 2000

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