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Eagle Carrier Used for Revenue

The Eagle carrier stamp was first issued in 1851, but within a few years it had rapidly fallen into disuse as the ordinary 1 postage stamps were increasingly employed to prepay the carriers' fees.  Stocks of the Eagle carriers were still in post offices 10 years after issue and one is known used at Washington, D. C., in November, 1861, tied with a 3 rose of 1861.

I have recently seen an Eagle carrier used as a revenue stamp on a bank check of "Riggs & Co.," Washington, D. C., June 17, 1863, the first one I have ever seen used in payment of a fiscal tax.  Occasionally, but not too frequently, postage stamps were seen used as revenues on early checks and documents, during the life of the Civil War taxes.  In most cases the stamps were used as provisionals because revenue stamps were not available at the time.  

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
May 25, 1946

Posted August 3, 1999

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