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Used Abroad

Stamps used in places and countries other than their country of origin, are so termed.  Their diversity is much wider than at first appears.  The list given by Gibbons shows how wide has been the world distribution of the stamps of G.B. -- the West Indies alone taking up nearly three pages of the catalogue.  France has almost as full a world-wide usage, from the Levant to China; while Spain, Italy, and Russia have had their general issues in use in various parts of the world.  Enthusiastic collectors scutinise all postmarks most carefully in their search for specimens, and new finds are constantly being reported.  Entires, showing the whole of the postmarking are the ideal method of collecting.
- R. J. Sutton 6th edition revised by K. W. Anthony
The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia
Published 1966
 Posted February 1, 2000

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