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Exit "Defense" -- Now "War"

I understand the government desires that henceforth the word "Defense," in connection with all war activities be discontinued, having served its usefulness, and that hereafter we speak of "War" industries, etc., etc.  It will, therefore, follow that savings stamps and bonds will come to be designated as "War Stamps," etc., and no longer " Defense Stamps."  This would seem to forecast an almost certain change in the present savings stamps, and may indicate a new issue is not far in the offing.  The 1917-18 stamps were known from the beginning as War Savings Stamps.  If you haven't a set for your collection, better get them now while the current designs are available.  Yes, I know Uncle frowns on it, but I don't think they'll shoot you for it.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
April 4, 1942
  Posted January 3, 2000 

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