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The exhibition was managed by Ernest Kehr, and while staged on a limited scale, I found it an entertaining and educational show.  The stamp exhibits were well diversified, and the frames were scattered about the museum, sandwiched in with the regular scientific and industrial exhibits.  It was startling at times when idly drifting about to find a frame of stamps right plunko next to an anatomical display of a six-foot model of a human ear, or the cellophane man with his skin peeled off, standing there in his bare bones, and meaty sinews.  There were no mysteries and it was difficult to concentrate on the stamps at times when there were moving machinery parts next your elbow, and model railroad trains that operated at the touch of a button, or f'rinstance that female figure -- which I am sure no one missed -- "Miss Anatomy," which a lecturer at frequent intervals completely and thoroughly dissected, item by item, piece by piece, as casually as you would unpack a trunk.

But to get back to the stamps.  the Post Office Department came through with numerous exhibits, including a fine display of of stamped envelopes, proofs, photographs of the subjects used on recent issues, a demonstration die, a transfer roll, and two rotary press plates paired, one showing the layout for the  regular 400-subject plate, the other the 180-subject for booklet pane printing.  There was also a machine brought on from the Dayton, Ohio, manufactory that was running with two attendants, printing 3¢ stamped envelopes.  There were displays by President Roosevelt, the Czechoslovakian Government, Adolphe Menjou, Sing Sing Philatelic Society, Postmaster Sinnot of Brooklyn, and many, many, many of our best known collectors.  It was worth while.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 16, 1937

Posted December 21, 1999

Editor's Note:  Does anyone know the name and venue of this exhibition? 

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