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A Cover for Every Country

I like stamps on covers.  I have always like them and the trend today is strong for stamps used on the original letters.  I had long toyed with the idea of forming a collection having one cover from every stamp-issuing country listed in the Scott catalog.  The idea seemed to me to have such universal appeal that I was not surprised to learn it had occurred to others when the formation of a society to promote collecting along these lines was announced a couple of years ago.

Such a project should be of particular interest to those who complain that they have "reached the end of the line," that is, where ever stamp now needed is an expensive acquisition -- those who are looking around for a sideline that will provide "action."  The program suggested may not prove too easy an assignment yet I think it would pay off in due course of time.

The collector could get off to a fine running start, though in time he might begin to experience some difficulties, but that is the fun of collecting, -- the joy of the chase.  The early issues of many countries are rare and expensive on covers, but many are very cheap.  He need not restrict himself too much, but I would try to get the earliest I could and in later issues I would seek such covers as have special features or unusual interest.  And, just to change the act a bit, I think I would include some postal stationery here and there, a used stamp envelope or a postal card.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
July 15, 1956

 Posted December 16, 1999 

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