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Thorp's New Envelope Catalog

Prescott Thorp's long heralded revised edition of the Bartel-Thorp Catalog of Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United states made its appearance in September.  It would be difficult to think of any other work that combines so much information in one compact volume and while it is now offered at $8.50, I suspect it cannot be a very large edition is one of those books which I predict will sell at a premium once the original edition is exhausted.  A new feature is the section on Western Franks which alone should sell it with pages and pages of illustrations.  A friend of mine often comments on the failure of collectors to "buy information" when tendered at a comparatively low price, information that would likely save them the price of the publication many times over, but they don't.  When it gets to be a $25 book they have much more respect for it and the higher the price the more they believe what they find in it.  "Pep" Thorp, in my observation, is one of those idealists who commits himself to slavery to put something worthwhile before the philatelic public with little financial return to himself.  I can't help wondering out loud what it pays in cash dividends.  Do we have room in this mercenary world for idealists?  Funny review, isn't it?
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 2, 1954

 Posted December 11, 1999  

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