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Used U. S. Envelopes

Those who like to tackle something in the stamp collecting line that is tough and not easy to finish might consider used envelopes.  For a real "chase," and something that will use up excess energy over a long period, this is it.  I have seen few good collections of used envelopes and even in collections where used material was sought in preference to all else, the cut squares were not nearly as well represented as the stamps.  The vogue in this country is, of course, for mint material but there are many collectors whose only interest is in stamps which have gone through the mails.  Where priced by Scott, the used copies are generally quoted less than the mint, though this reflects the demand of collectors in this market,  In the case of many envelopes, used copies are non-existent.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 7,1944

 Posted December 9, 1999  

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