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Propaganda Forgeries II

Referring to my recent comments (column of August 21st), on the subject of the counterfeit stamps made by the Allied Nations and those by the enemy countries, which were utilized in propaganda against each other, I expressed suspicions that some of these "officially sanctioned" forgeries have been reforged for sale to collectors.  I have an interesting corroborative letter from Vernon McKenzie, who evidently is well informed on the subject.

Mr. McKenzie writes that the Hitler 12pf "skull" has been faked in imperforate sheets of nine, many of four and also that singles are seen "used," postmarked with looted P.O. cancellations. He adds that the Feldpost "Chamberlain" and "Churchill" cards have been forged, the bogus easily detected since they lack the vertical center line inscription of the originals, "Entwurf: Heinz Fehling, gerch.  G.4503, Bild 1," (or "Bild 2").  Allegedly postally used copies of the fakes sometimes carry stamps, which were unnecessary for Feldpost, often stamps of the Polish "General Gouvernement" issues.  Mr. McKenzie also believes that many of the anti-British forgeries with the "Liquidation of Empire" overprints, which during the war had originated in Germany, have since been forged for stamp collectors.  It would appear that my original suspicions were right on the target.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
September 25, 1954

 Posted December 7, 1999  

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