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Propaganda Forgeries I

I have recently read Forged Stamps of Two World Wars, by L. N. and M. Williams (available from Lindquist Publications, $1.20), an extremely interesting booklet illustrating and describing the counterfeits made by the Allied nations and those by the enemy countries which were utilized in propaganda against each other.  It is surprising that there is such a wide variety of such stamps, but it appears to me that some of this material seems just a little too common judging from the frequency with which it is offered for sale here.  I am led to wonder whether some of these propaganda forgeries have been counterfeited again just for sale to collectors.  What means does the ordinary collector who buys this material have for checking his purchases with the "officially sanctioned" counterfeits?
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
August 21, 1954

 Posted December 6, 1999  

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