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United States Guide Lines

J. H. Davis-Reynolds, President of the United States Guide Line Society, has just published the 1949 edition of his booklet on United States Guide Line, a catalog of the guide line markings to be found on U. S. stamps printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  The booklet is illustrated with descriptive charts and shows how single stamps with guide line markings may be reconstructed to form miniature sheets.  Issues begin at 1895 and are brought up to date with a new group of listings of the rotary press printings, including the electric eye markings.  Mr. Reynolds advocates the collecting of the four corners stamps from each of the four panes of a plate to reconstruct a pane of 16 stamps, which in addition to the plate numbers should illustrate about everything on a plate.  Under each issue he gives data in respect to the plate arrangement, and number of subjects on the plate and in the panes.  There is a great deal of information in the pamphlet, which is obtainable at 35¢, from the author, at 607 Liberty St., Flint 3, Michigan.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
January 1, 1949

 Posted November 30, 1999

Editor's Note: Sloane first mentioned Mr. Reynold's work in 1934.  

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