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Re-Use of Columbian Designs

The U. S. Columbian stamps of 1893 were printed by the American Bank Note Co., who in later years, used some of the designs again for stamps of other countries.  The "Flag Ship of Columbus" on the 3¢ stamp, re-appeared on the 1899 10¢ Newfoundland (Scott #68), as "Cabot"s Ship, the Matthew," and was used again in Costa Rica, 1936, Scott's type A96, the ship shown to the right of a map of Cocos Island.  "Columbus Soliciting Aid from Queen Isabella," on the 5¢ Columbian also turns up in Costa Rica in 1923, Scott's type A75.  All these foreign items done by the A.B.N. Co.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
May 22, 1937
Posted November 25, 1999

Editor's Note:  I suspect that this practice by the American Bank Note Company was common.  Does anyone know of any other designs which they reused?  

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