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Earlier Commemoratives on Cover

The earlier commemoratives used on covers at the proper time, and without a philatelic flavor, are becoming increasingly popular with collectors, and some of our more informed collectors have been quietly acquiring them for some time past.  One will discover that the issues prior to the Pilgrim issue of 1920 are decidedly scarce on the covers.  The "first day" cover was not fashionable in the earlier era, in fact, was unheard of, and collectors contented themselves with an unused set or blocks of the stamps, and the used copies were torn off envelopes and soaked for those interested in cancelled specimens.  As an instance, try to pick up a nice 5¢ Jamestown on the envelope, used in 1907, or an 8¢ Pan-American, used about 1901, or a few others.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
June 9, 1934
Posted November 14, 1999  

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