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Spanish War Patriotics

There are many patriotic covers seen in the mails today, there were many in Civil War days, and there were some during the Spanish-American incident, and these are scarcest.  Frank A. Hollowbush has shown me two interesting examples used by an infantryman in Manila, 1900-1901.  In December, 1900, he sketched out his own stamps, "F. Wetherington's United States Postage, Two Cents," but took the precaution of adding, alongside it, a 2¢ Philippine stamp of the accepted issue, to his envelope, and it went home to his mother in Kentucky, without further ado.  But in January, 1901, in his next letter, he endorsed his envelope, "Soldier's Letter, No got Stamp."  This time the Paducah postmaster supplied one, a 2 Postage Due, and presumably collected the fee.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
August 15, 1942
Posted November 13, 1999  

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