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A service man in Hawaii complains that he was unable to buy a plate block of the 80¢ airmail stamp at a post office in Hawaii.  All sheets he found on sale consisted of only forty stamps with the plate number strips torn off.  the postal officer informed him that this is the way they had received the stamps and that, "all plate numbers are removed at San Francisco."  However, being wise in philatelic ways, he noted that the stamps on sale were all finely centered, suggesting that it was Philatelic Agency material.  Sheets from which the plate number pieces were previously sold at the Agency and remainders shipped out to the Islands for sale as postage.  The 80¢ airmail rate, and the necessary stamp for the service were created for airmail parcel post from Hawaii to the Mainland, but he feels that apparently no complete sheets of the stamp are on sale in Hawaii.  I think his complaint is well taken.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
January 2, 1954
Posted November 12, 1999

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