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No More Agency Plate Block Sales

Because of the demand from collectors for plate blocks alone, and in consequence, the destruction of tremendous quantities of stamps comprising the residue of the sheets, which has become necessary in every issue in recent years, the Philatelic Agency has established a new rule which provides that those desiring plate blocks must purchase entire sheets of stamps, regardless of face value.  The Agency recently explained that this constant demand for plate blocks, few ever requesting the ordinary blocks, was the real reason that the Zeppelins were forced off the Agency list.

If the new plan fails to meet with popular approval, it would appear that the only solution is to place more plate numbers on the sheet margins, or as Professor Sauerpuss quaintly suggests, make up special plates for collectors arranged on the order of the booklet pane plates or something like the souvenir panes, with the stamps grouped in units of six, each little unit with a plate number of its own.  Thus everyone could obtain a plate block.  But then, I imagine, plate blocks would be so common that no one would want them, and no one would care.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
February 8, 1936
Posted November 8, 1999

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