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Market for U. S. "Seconds."

The choice condition craze is driving up the prices of U. S. stamps to such an increasingly high level, that I understand quite a market is developing for stamps in secondary condition, and copies with small defects, at cut prices.  I have noticed, recently, numerous advertisements offering material of this character, and I am told that some of the dealers who are attempting to cater to the demand are finding it difficult to secure enough stock to fill orders.  The stamps are sold at slashing discounts from Scott's Catalog prices, depending upon the grade and extent on the defects, and the appearance of the copies.  It would seem that the market would be glutted with such material but upon checking up you learn that it is being absorbed steadily and the dealers who handle it always seem to want more.  That, at least, is the condition in New York, as reported to me and what I can gather from my own observations.  Most likely a similar demand is growing, or already exist, in other philatelic centers throughout the United States.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 28, 1939
Posted October 31, 1999

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