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Adams Express -- Australian Mail

In the earlier days the private posts and express companies took up the slack when the U. S. postal service failed to function.  Adams Express Co. operated a mail service to and from Australia in 1853-54.  Two stampless covers at hand, forwarded from Melbourne, via Callao, Peru, to New York, illustrate this service.  They were marked for dispatch by Adams Express, handled all the way and local delivery in New York accomplished by Boyd's City Dispatch.  One letter, dated at Melbourne, August 17, 1853, reached its recipient in New York, November 26th, and the other dated at Melbourne, November 14, 1853, was delivered in New York, February 10, 1854.  They were market reports, and while three months in transit, they must still have had some value.  Adams would not have been patronized had there been a better service.  Of course, there were no cables, no airmails, no radio those days.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
December 30, 1950
Posted October 28, 1999

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