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Airplanes on U. S. Stamps

The 20¢ Parcel Post stamp of 1912 was the first postage stamp of any country on which the picture of an airplane appeared.  This shows an early model of the Wright biplane.

The 2¢ Civil Aeronautics issue of 1928 also shows a Wright biplane, but one of the early improved models and not the first type successfully flown by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.  The early Wright biplane of 1903 is shown only on the little semi-official Red Cross label issued in Jamaica, B. W. I., in 1914, and privately sold for the aid of war sufferers.

The plane shown on the 1918 airpost issue, the 6¢, 16¢ and 24¢, is a De Haviland, I understand, and De Havilands are shown again on the 24¢ airpost stamp of the 1923 issue, and likewise on the map designs issued in 1926-27.  The De Havilands were employed in the early days of the Trans-Continental air mail line.

The Lindbergh stamp, of course, pictures the famed "Spirit of St. Louis," the Ryan monoplane in which Lindy made his sensational flight to Paris, in 1927.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
September 14, 1935
Posted October 22, 1999

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