Introduction to Stamp Collecting

Appendix I: Tips for Finding and Buying Stamps on eBay

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By Jim Watson

As noted earlier, this appendix illustrates the use of using eBay to help build a collection.  The concepts here can be applied on most of the internet auction/sales sites which are similar to eBay's business model.  Use of on line auctions by brick-and-mortar auctioneers requires some different approaches.

Adding to a stamp collection through offerings on eBay is easy, fun, and often provides bargains. First, one should learn how to navigate the pages in eBay. If you haven't already become an accomplished eBay surfer, learn about eBay at the Learning Center.  It provides links to the many ways to make use of eBay resources. You'll also need to Register (really quite simple) if you intend to buy or sell on eBay.

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A Brief History
Why People Collect Stamps
Major Stamp Categories
Factors Influencing Value
Tips for Finding and Buying Stamps
Tips for Listing and Selling
Displaying or Storing
Stamp Collecting Tools
Caring for Stamps
Insuring Your Collection
Books and Other Sources
Building a Collection
Describing Stamp Condition
I Have This Stamp Collection...
Appendix I: Tips for Finding
   and Buying Stamps on eBay

Appendix II: Tips for Listing
   and Selling Stamps on eBay

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